A solution that addresses total end-to-end requirements of the bill discounting integrated with a core banking solution and a customer portal to facilitate easy online bill upload and drawdowns. Bill discounting involves the early cashing of bills / invoices by the suppliers before the credit period set by the purchaser and funded by Banks & NBFCs with discounted percentage on the bill value.

Business Benefits

   Improved cash flow: Bill discounting allows businesses to access immediate funds by selling their outstanding bills or invoices to a financial institution or a third-party provider.

   Working capital optimization: By discounting bills, businesses can optimize their working capital.

   Reduced credit risk: Bill discounting transfers the credit risk associated with the invoice to the financing institution or third-party provider.

   Enhanced financial stability: By converting their accounts receivable into cash through bill discounting, businesses can strengthen their financial stability.

   Business growth opportunities: Access to immediate funds through bill discounting can facilitate business growth and expansion.

Application Modules

Vendor Onboarding

Disbursement Loan

Repayment Module

MIS Dashboard

Support Module

ERP System

GST Portal

Fintech Connector

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