A web-based solution for seamless financial transactions, Including rule-based processing, interest computation, and delinquency management, integrated with core banking and net banking interface. Ready-to-implement supply chain solution for any product variant, configurable on the fly.

Business Benefits

   Improved Working Capital Management: Channel finance allows businesses to optimize their working capital by providing timely access to funds.

   Enhanced Cash Flow: By accelerating payments to suppliers, channel finance improves the overall cash flow within the supply chain.

   Strengthened Supplier Relationships: Channel finance helps build stronger relationships between buyers and suppliers.

   Risk Mitigation: Channel finance mitigates the risk of late payments or defaults by ensuring prompt and reliable payments to suppliers.

   Cost Savings: Channel finance often offers attractive financing rates compared to traditional borrowing options.

Application Modules

Master Maintenance

Repayment Module

Support Module

Contract Booking

MIS Dashboard

NPA Management

DrawDown & Repayment Reversal

Dealer Onboarding

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